Paying Attention to the Details

So, I realized I wasn’t paying attention to the details in my life when I discovered Lady, one of our four legged family members, had fleas and those fleas had inflicted a lot of damage.  Fleas always mean extra work for me.  On top of running the house, cooking the food and all the other projects I have on the go right now (which don’t feel like too much, only fullness), it was not really something I thought I had the time to deal with.

Well, I dealt with it in two hours with found materials around our house, so I figure I did pretty darn well.  In that post, DIY Dog Bed, I shared how I had another wake up call in the middle of night.  Usually, if you have not noticed your dogs aberrant behaviour and fleas, there has gotta be other things you are missing too, right?  Exactly!  My husband went away for a much needed weekend getaway with a friend and I had a sleep over with the kids in our big bed.  I slept across the bottom, kept them up late on our family movie night, fed them our homemade gluten free, dairy free pizza, then popcorn and we all crashed around 9pm.  At about midnight I woke up ready to start my day, which I had discussed with my husband the night before….my sleep and wake cycles don’t really fit the status quo of early to bed and early to rise that works so well for our family, and my creative times are when I’d best be sleeping if I follow this routine that doesn’t really work for me.   So I considered staying up to do some writing and went downstairs.

I used the basement bathroom and as soon as I sat down a mouse ran from the back corner of the bathroom and out the door!  It’s a good thing we have an open door policy or I would have been stuck in that very small room with that mouse.  I am not squeamish, I was simply surprised!  We have been in this house for a year and a half with no signs of mice…now I saw one.  Where there is one mouse, there is many.  Our house is 125 years old with many ways in I am sure, so it wasn’t a new thought that we could have mice come in.  I just hadn’t seen a single mouse poop anywhere….and I keep my eyes peeled, because mice mean something to me.


I am an apprenticing Shaman.  It has been 5 years since I heard the call and stepped onto the path.  During this time I have learned not to pass off the sightings and chance meetings at midnight (or any time) with animals.  Instead, I look up their Shamanic meaning. I have a go to website because I don’t have the Animal Speak books that my mentors have.  I knew exactly what the meaning of mouse was because I had sent it to a number of people.  You see, I operate with the understanding that our outside world reflects our inside world.  Just like how I was healing emotionally and was suddenly dealing with what felt like a spear through the front of my chest and out my back (an old life wound I am certain), and when I intended to let go of the emotional stuff during dream time, I also woke up without pain in my chest.  It felt exactly like ribs out of place, which have NEVER resolved on their own in my past, so I was extremely grateful to be able to take a full breath again.  Mice on the outside, basically means mouse on the inside.

When any animal steps onto my path I stop and listen carefully.  All living things are wise and bring a message of healing in one way or another.  The following is directly from my trusted site of animal wisdom:

“People with mouse in their lives can become too fixated on methodology and come across as nit-pickers, finding fault with insignificant details and being over-concerened with trivia. This will make them approach the most mundane, simplest of tasks with difficulty. They can be over-dramatic and over-emotional.

In a mouse home, everything must be in order. Even if you live in the most smallest of abodes, you are still a vital part of the universe and earth itself. Mouse people are frequently fearful of life. Try to see the larger picture, but as before mentioned don’t over-analyze.

If Mouse has come into your life, ask yourself if you have neglected the trivial but necessary things in life. Have you become too fixed on one or more activities and are not paying attention to opportunities around you? Are you trying to do too many things all at once? Mouse can teach us how to focus and how to achieve the ‘big’ things by working on the little things.”


This is totally and completely true for me right now.  I was being over-dramatic, over-emotional and playing the blame game which meant I was refusing to take responsibility for doing the little things that create order in my life.  I was tired and this happens.  I take this lesson and look deeply into it and thank the mouse and thank the universe for sending me this message.  I thank myself for listening and open my eyes in this new way.  I had been leaning toward a huge purge for the last couple weeks and had started doing so, and also felt like there were so many things for me to tackle on my own, and I really didn’t want to.  Couple that situation with writing a book, course, updating my website and back to school for two kids and daycare for one.

I began with the cupboards where food and cooking implements (pots, pans, electric griddle, etc) are kept and I found mouse poop!  So, out everything came and I washed everything with a solution mice don’t like the smell of.  I also realized that there are open spaces in the cupboards that need to be taken care of.  I require my husband for those parts, so I will leave them until he is home, but I cleaned and rearranged things so food stuff would be out of mouse reach and cooking implements would be stored in a way that nothing could crawl through them.  The last thing I want to do is wash my dishes to put them away and wash them again to use them.


Wanna know what animals are showing up in your life and what they have to say to you?  Slow down and pay attention to the details to find out.


About Fyreniska

Headmistress at Web designer and creator of Biz Inc - getting businesses online in their own time. Singer-Songwriter of healing music that shares my journey to me. I stand for all humans.
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